Smart Messenger

What can I expect?

  • Communicate more efficiently by using dedicated rooms with your own set of rules.
  • Forget group emails: join or create rooms per topic, per team, per event.
  • Create notifications that are customised by you, for you.
  • Keyword alerts. 
  • Deploy bots for practical use with our integrated store.

Group Chat 

VOIP & Video Calling

  • One touch voice and video conferencing perfect for interviews.
  • Hold one-to-one conversations or a large group of users, there are no limits.
  • Join or drop ongoing group calls in a room without needing an invite or disturbing it.
  • Send, receive and view files. 
  • Drag-and-drop feature for fast sharing.
  • Preview before downloading files.
  • Keyword alerts. 
  • Files are archived, like the messages: it is smart so you can find them in the file list panel of a room, or by simply searching by filename.

File Transfer

Bridge Networks

  • Use our service to communicate not only with your colleagues or teams, but also with contributors using other communication apps.
  • Bridge the gap between open systems including Slack, Gitter, IRC, Twitter, SMS and more, while using the app you prefer.
  • Tools make everything easier: pick up what you need from our ready-to-use list of bots integrating with Github and others.
  • Create your own integrations to help your team work more efficiently! Others will do too and everyone benefits from being part of an open ecosystem.


End To End Cryptography

  • All files and data transferred can be encrypted end-to-end, meaning no one can eavesdrop on your conversations, including the service provider.
  • You can choose to host your data yourself or on our own secure servers.
  • All rooms and conversations can be configured with different levels of confidentiality: public to anyone, limited to a team or fully private and invite-only.
  • For more information on our security, please contact us. [email protected]

Ready to start?

Watch this short tutorial video to fully understand how to use our smart messenger.