About Us

Blockchain Jobs for Blockchain People

Blockinjobs is solving the problem associated with new talent needed for the blockchain industry sector.
We have created a working platform that allows candidates and employers to interact with one another in real time and conduct video interviews to make the employment process easier than ever regardless of geographical location.

Candidates can upload their Curriculum Vitae free of charge and start applying for jobs immediately, chat with employers via our built in decentralised messaging system in real time, send files, audio calls, video calls and set up video interviews.

We have a vision where we see a world that implements blockchain technology to most industry sectors and there will be a need for new talent to fill this void, so we have created blockinjobs to make that happen.

Meet the Team

Dean Singh
Dean Singh Co Founder, Business Development Manager
Funsho Ajibade
Funsho Ajibade Co Founder, Sales & Marketing Manager
Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy Social Media & Public Relations Consultant
John Rahat
John Rahat Webmaster